International Medical School Fair

Connecting Pre-Medical Students to International Medical Programs.

About Us

The International Medical School Fair stands as the biggest and only event of its kind. We unite medical schools across the globe and feature them with pre-medical students throughout the United States and Canada. Our objective is to provide aspiring doctors with valuable insights into international medical programs, empowering them to pursue their careers as physicians.

Our Events

We have 2 types of events


Our Big Fair is designed to target the multicultural and high-density populated cities of US and Canada. The target cities are the considered the highest number of Medical Student enrollments across North America. We hold our events on campus where are pre-medical club partners are located.


Our Roadshows are supplementeray to our Big Fairs. It is designed for us to target universities that are outside of our BIG FAIRS but still has a huge Pre-Medical Populations. Usually our road shows span from 3 to 5 days to maximize your time in a certain region.

Featured Events


Venue:  University of British Columbia 
Partner:  UBC Pre-Med Society and Simon Fraser University Pre-Med Society

IMSF has partnered with the UBC Pre-Med Society, and Simon Fraser University Pre-Med Society to ensure that IMSF VANCOUVER BIG FAIR will be a successful event. We are expecting over 700+ attendees supported by our grassroots approach! Similar to our event in Toronto, we are confident this event will be as successful!  IMSF BIG FAIR Vancouver will have a limit of 6 (GOLD/SILVER) Sponsors which includes a 10 minute talk time for your university on stage, please be sure to register as soon as possible

IMSF BC ROADSHOW - Janaury 26 and 29

January 26
University of British Columbia Okanagan
Partners: UBC Okanagan Pre-Med Society

January 29
Thompson Rivers University
Partner:  TRU Pre-Med Society

Enhance your IMSF Vancouver BIG FAIR experience with an exciting BC ROADSHOW! Our BC Roadshow is tailored to make the most of your time in beautiful British Columbia, connecting you with Pre-Med Clubs that have expressed interest but couldn’t attend in Vancouver. Let us bring the IMSF Experience right at their Doorstep! Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to expand your reach and engage with a wider audience.

Our Mission

To Provide equal opportunity to all pre-medical students around the world by providing them information and options to pursue their careers as doctors.

Promotion Strategy

IMSF believes in grassroot approach in advertising in addition to the traditional online marketing campaign. Our team goes to different Universities to partner with Pre-medical Clubs, Science Organizations, Career Counsellors, Study Abroad Advisors, and High School Counselors to promote our events.

We visit Biology classes and chemistry Labs and speak with professors to announce our events which helps us drive attendance in our events.

Why Join our Fairs in Canada and US?


Landscape of Medicine

There are 17 accredited faculties of medicine in Canada, distributed geographically across the country. In 2017/18 Faculties received 38,408 applications from 13,929 applicants to fill the 2916 first year seats available. Schools made a total of 3805 offers (some applicants received multiple offers) and 2889 students are enrolled. Overall 18.6% of applicants received at least one offer (CMES Table F-11). There is an increasing number of applicants every year, while the number of positions available for entry does not increase significantly. - AFMC

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Canadian IMG

555 international medical graduates (IMGs) and 17 United States medical graduates (USMGs) matched to residency positions in 2023. The number of IMGs matched in 2023 has increased significantly from the 439 matched in 2022. There were 3,532 positions in the match, 96.9 per cent of which were filled. - CaRMS

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Canadians Abroad

Every year many Canadians go abroad for medical training. About three-quarters of them are unsuccessful applicants to Canadian medical schools. Currently, almost 3600 Canadians are studying medicine at schools in the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

-National Institute of Health

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Student Mobility

 According to IIE's Open Doors 2019 Report, Canada is the fifth largest source country of international students studying in the United States, with over 26,000 Canadian students enrolled in US universities in the 2018/2019 academic year. Additionally, Canadian students rank among the top 10 international students in UK universities (almost 8,000 students), and around 4,700 Canadians were studying in Australian universities in the past year. Other popular destinations for Canadian students include New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, and Japan.

More and more Canadian high schools and universities are encouraging students to study abroad, and education consulting is gaining popularity across the country. Universities Canada has called for a doubling of the number of undergraduates participating in study-abroad programs, from the current 25,000 to 50,000 students per year. This figure does not include the number of fee-paying students pursuing full degree programs abroad. In addition to university studies, Canadians are also going overseas for volunteer work, language learning, and gap year/career break experiences.


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The Mission

Our mission is to provide Canadian students the best option for Medical education abroad. By inviting delegates from prestigious institutions, we secure the future of our audience by meticulous selection and screening.

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The Timing

IMSF events are scattered all throughout the Canadian Academic cycle. We aim to provide the best time to visit students across Canada by avoiding times like reading week and exam periods for maximum engagement. 

We understand our delegates schedule and budget so we try to maximize each event with the timing for our Big Fairs and Roadshows.

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Our Marketing Approach

Thanks to our grassroots approach to advertising and marketing, our visitors are already in the research phase of their medical school applications. This makes our event a perfect opportunity for Medical Schools to network with our very niche audience.

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The US Market

US Medical Landscape

The number of applicants has now leveled off after an unusually competitive year in 2021-2022 when there were 62,443 applicants. For reference, there were 53,370 applicants in 2020-2021. In total, 23,810 applicants were accepted meaning 43% of medical school applicants were accepted.
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Match 2023

A total of 8,388 IMGs obtained first-year residency positions in accredited U.S. GME programs in the 2023 Match, an increase of 718 (9.4%) from last year. - ECFMG

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US Physician Shortage

Every year many Canadians go abroad for medical training. About three-quarters of them are unsuccessful applicants to Canadian medical schools. Currently, almost 3600 Canadians are studying medicine at schools in the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

-National Institute of Health

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Student Mobility

During the 2018–2019 academic year, nearly 350,000 US students studied abroad, an increase of 1.6% from the previous year. Study abroad notably declined by 53.1% the following academic year (2019–2020) because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The most common destination for US students to study abroad is Europe, but they also study in low- or middle-income countries, placing them at risk for acquiring infectious diseases that are not endemic at home.
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